Trees are very special. They enrich our gardens, places and roadsides.
We can rest in their shadows and listen to the birds. Under their branches children play, collect leaves and fruits for handicrafts.
Trees are the nature to touch inbetween our civilisation. But as a living organism they are also in a constantly change and have to be evaluated and cultivated by professional assesment, so that the people will have pleasure a long time and that there are no risk of security.
As your professional contact person I will provide you in all questions around the tree.

Bei allen Fragen rund um den Baum stehe ich Ihnen als kompetenter Ansprechpartner zur Verfügung.



wir suchen freundliche, gewissenhafte, versierte Baumpfleger(innen) mit Pkw- und möglichst Anhänger-FS und der Fähigkeit und Bereitschaft auch zur selbständigen Durchführung aller einschlägigen Pflegearbeiten.

Forest hiking

Impressions of my forest management specifically for the Year of Forests
with the Kneipp-Kindergarten Wettenhausen on to the Forest Day 31st May 2011